Are You Willing to Be a Part of Giving #5000Gifts?


I know.  You are probably thinking, “Is she serious?”.  Absolutely!

Today at church, we were introduced to the idea of #5000gifts.  With Christmas quickly approaching, as a church, we are going to give #5000gifts!  We are not a big church by any means, but we have big hearts.  How can we possibly give #5000gifts?  It’s easier than you would think when you understand the concept!

What is it all about?

The concept is that THIS Christmas, we want to get back to the basics.  This is not about buying gifts or wrapping them.  This is about being intentional.  It is about doing things for others, without being asked to do it.  It’s about thinking of others and teaching our children to do the same.  A gift doesn’t have to be something big.  Maybe you can help your elderly mother by doing her shopping for her.  Maybe you can pay for the dinner for the car behind you at the drive up window of a fast food restaurant.  Maybe you could decide this is the time to apologize to someone you wronged years ago.  Or maybe you decide it is time to forgive.  Maybe it’s as simple as making your husband a cup of coffee before he leaves for work.  Whatever it is, it may not seem much to you, but it will mean something to the person who receives it.  More importantly, it will mean the most to God.  With #5000gifts, you will be creating a new tradition for yourself or your family.  A tradition that will make a difference in your community and bring hearts closer to God.

Who can be part of this?

ANYONE!  We are doing this as part of our church, but anyone can join in!  It is our attempt to share God’s gift that He so willingly gave us at Christmas, by giving and showing love to others.  Whole families can do this, individuals, children, anyone that wants to have a different Christmas!

What do I have to do?

When you give someone a gift, go on Facebook or Twitter and share your story of a gift you received, or a gift you gave, with the hashtag #5000gifts.  It can be as simple as the gift my daughter gave today.  “I helped my brother clean his closet. #5000gifts”  It’s that easy! Once you start giving, you will be hooked and you will start looking for ways to give.  Remember, God loves a cheerful giver!  It doesn’t matter if you go to our church, you go to a different church, or you don’t go to church at all.  God is ready to use you in the lives of those in your community!

If you decide to join in on this new tradition, I would love to hear about it!  If you have children, nieces or nephews, I would love to hear how God is using them to reach others!  Together we can blow the top off of #5000gifts.  With God, ANYTHING is possible!


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