Book Review: Transform by Tony Myles


* I received this book for my review as part of the Off the Shelf blogger team. As always, I will only give my honest review of the book.*

Tony Myles is a husband and father who has a heart for the next generation. In his book, Transform, he guides youth through the book of James in a quest to help them find their identity. Their identity in Christ.

I used to be a junior high youth leader and this book would have been an incredible asset in our youth group. It is not overwhelming in size which makes it easy to carry. Tony speaks clearly and succinctly and it is a very easy to read book. While the book is meant to be used by a younger person, I feel that this book would be beneficial to anyone who is seeking to find out who they are in Christ. Some of the scenarios and questions are specific to youth, but the basic lessons and concepts are worthwhile at any age.

Transform is broken up into 31 days. Each day consists of 6 different areas to focus on: Starting Point, Observation, Reaction, Discovery, Challenge, and Application. As you read through the study each day, you will be asked thought-provoking questions. The goal is to awaken your identity in Christ. Transform is a book that is meant to be written in. There are spaces in the observation and application sections that allow you to record your thoughts and feelings on what you have just read.

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