Christmas is Coming!


Yes, I know Thanksgiving is not here yet.  That is something my sweet husband is constantly reminding me about, BUT he also never has to worry about what presents to buy or the Christmas decorations.  He’s all about Thanksgiving and while I love the holiday, Christmas is my favorite.  This year, instead of getting caught up in the busyness, craziness and commercialization of such a special time of year, what if the gifts you gave and the decorations you used, signified what the season really is about?  Jesus.

With Mary & Martha products, that is possible! Check out our Fall 2013 catalog that I have attached below.  One of my biggest sellers is the Vintage Stamped Satchel found on page 59 of the catalog.  You can see more at my website  You can also securely place orders directly from the site!

Download the Fall 2013 catalog here:

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*This post contains an affiliate link, which means if an order is placed, I make a small percentage off of the sale.  This helps me to maintain this site.

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