Faithful Friday: The Only Thing Holding You Back is YOU

The only thing holding you back is you

Today’s #FaithfulFriday is all about YOU!

Do you believe that what happens to you or doesn’t happen to you, has to do with things that are external. We tend to believe that we don’t have what we want in our lives because there is something outside of us that is keeping us from a fulfilling life.

But that’s completely wrong. Yes, external influences can play a part, but ultimately what holds you back is the space between your ears. Everyone has reasons why things don’t work out. Or won’t work out. If you are like me, you have given yourself reasons to back out and say, “I tried.”

The only problem is that if you keep giving yourself a way out, one day you will get to the point when you look back and you will have never truly lived the life you imagined.

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It is time for YOU to start living and working towards the life you always dreamed about. An amazing and abundant life full of blessings is waiting for you to take the first step!


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