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When Is It Time to Decorate for Christmas?


It seems to be the question of the week, so I will jump in. When do you start decorating for Christmas? If I had it my way, I’d start today, but my hubby loves Thanksgiving too much. So… I have to stick to my traditional day after Thanksgiving.(although that won’t stop me from listening to Christmas music)

The other day my husband went ballistic because he saw a Christmas car commercial. I tried to explain to him that the car companies HAVE to start early so that they can get the orders in on time for Christmas. But who’s kidding whom? I know full well that the Christmas commercialism rush started a few weeks ago before Halloween had even arrived. Dare I say it? I was happy.

Yes, I know Christmas is not about all the commercial stuff, I get that. But that is not what makes me want the season to last longer than it does. It’s the feeling I get when Christmas is coming. It’s the anticipation and excitement of knowing what the day stands for and knowing of the precious memories that will be made during that special time of year. Christmastime reminds me of how blessed I am to have a Savior who loves me and a family that made sure I knew that. It brings up memories of wonderful family functions that happened every Christmas Eve and Christmas, with a lots of family members who are now gone or live too far to visit. It takes me back to when my dad was still alive and when he would drive us around every Christmas Eve to look at the lights. Now, I do the same with my children. It’s being witness to the excitement and joy in my children when they are able to participate in traditions that were passed down and now have become part of their Christmastime.

For me, it’s not about the commercialism. I don’t “wish” that it would start later. I look forward to this time every year, and so do my children. We love this time of year because of what it means to us.

Everything.  Everything good and blessed and treasured.

When do you start to decorate and do you get angst for starting when you do? How about you handle that? Join me on Facebook to continue the discussion!


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