The 100th + 1 Day of School… with Ice Storm Leon

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And so here we are, on the 100th + 1 day of school and the highly anticipated, much talked about winter storm has pretty much left our area. What did Leon leave in his wake? Alot of ice and no real snow to speak of. This morning there were a few flakes flying over our house, but nothing that would allow us to even consider some of our 100th day activities. To say my children were bummed would be a huge understatement, but we made the best of it. Even Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was in our town and we still didn’t get as much snow as they expected. Something definitely is wrong with that!

It could have been much worse.


We never lost power.

We weren’t stuck on the road in Atlanta for 8 hours trying to get home.

Our children didn’t have to sleep in a school overnight. Well, on second-thought, they actually sleep at their school every night. ūüėČ

My husband made it home safely from work and has the day off today.


All in all, we made out well.  This is what we were able to accomplish on our 100th + 1 day:

We still were able to make the Lego creations out of 100 pieces.

We counted out the 100 marshmallows and enjoyed hot chocolate. (little did I know that when I threw in a load of laundry, they would actually EAT all of them!) And then I wondered why they were
jumping all over the place yesterday. AAAAHH!

We attempted to make snow angels, um, ice angels for 100 seconds.

We kept a check on the temperature all day and night.

We used boogie boards to sled down our not so very steep front lawn. The kids loved it. OK, this is not a 100th day activity, but it was fun! Especially when my husband pulled our son on the board and kept going, not realizing that he had left him behind at the top of the lawn! OOPS!


So there it is! Our 100th = 1 Day of School. It didn’t go quite as planned, but the time and memories we created were such a blessing.¬† If you want to see my list of 10 activities we were supposed to do for our 100th day, please check out An Icy and Snowy 100th Day!

What has your winter been like?¬† How did you celebrate your 100th day? Right now, this mama is going to do a little more “sledding” with the kiddos and then start thinking about what to do on Saturday when it is 70 degrees! Now THAT is more like it!




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