How to Find Your Authentic Self: Creating a Vision Board

How to Find Your Authentic Self-Creating a Vision Board

I am inviting you to start to discover AND uncover your dreams. Dreams can either be the kind that occur during sleep, or they can be something that you truly contemplate doing because you feel passionate about it. But what makes a dream become a reality? How will you know when you get there?

That is where a vision board comes in. If your dream is not in front of you the majority of the time, it becomes an idea. It becomes something that only takes up space in the back of your mind, but it needs to be in front of you. As much as possible.

But what is a vision board?

A vision board is created usually with a large piece of foam board. It is decorated with images, quotes, anything that inspires you and reminds you of your dreams. You want the images to serve a purpose, not just because they are pretty. They have to mean something, and only you can choose them. This is YOUR board. If you are part of a couple, do individual boards and a combined board for your goals and dreams as a couple. Think back to those early collages that you might have done when you were in elementary school where you scoured magazines and then cut out and glued pictures, all with a similar focus. The only difference is your focus is finding your authentic self through your dreams. If you are looking for quotes or even images, go to Pinterest or Google. You can get really specific.

I have friends who take pictures of their boards and use it as a screensaver. Given the amount of time everyone is on their phones, it is not a bad idea! They have copies in their bathrooms, their cars, wherever they spend alot of time, that is where the board is. I’m thinking with the amount of laundry I do, that I should put a copy in our laundry room!

I’m sharing my vision board and the vision board for my 8 year old daughter. It will give you an idea of what a vision board looks like. You will notice one difference in particular. My daughter took off with her artistic impression and created something that is truly and authentically her.

My Vision Board

Vision Board2

My Daughter’s Vision Board

Vision Board1

What do you notice about her board? Yes, she has a drawing on it. Yes, she has multiple pictures of the Eiffel Tower on it. (I guess she really wants to travel alot) But what does her board say?

Get more plans.

Get more plans.

Get more plans.

What she discovered at the age of 8 is that she doesn’t want to ever stop dreaming. She intends on always chasing her dreams, achieving them, and adding to her vision board. She even has the words, “Get more plans for THIS year”, before the others.

Think about that. A vision board should be a living and breathing, always evolving vision for your life. It is not meant to be a static board that never changes and is never transformed. Just as you are meant to always evolve and transform, so should your dreams, and as a result your vision board.

So, are you ready for the challenge to get creative and plan out your dreams for your future? I hope so!

If you do take the challenge, I would love for you to visit my Facebook page and share a picture of your board!


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