Faithful Friday What is it You Fear?

Today’s Faithful Friday tackles fear. Fear is the one thing that the enemy uses to keep us small, to remind us that we are insignificant, that we are incapable of achieving anything God calls us to do. But those are lies, and they are lies we continue to allow to seep into our soul. Why do we do that? If what God’s Word is true, and it is, then there is no fear and condemnation from the Lord. It only comes from one place. Even if we are aware of that, still, we hold onto it, sometimes tighter than we would hold onto a life preserver.

Fear grips you. It lies. It reminds you of all the things you haven’t done. The things you have done. It keeps you right where you are. In a place where God can use you, but you feel He can’t. See, God can use us even in the midst of our fear. Even when we feel we are the least likely. As a popular quote says, “God does not call the equipped. He equips the called.”

You are the child of the Creator of this Universe. You are uniquely qualified and called to do something only YOU can accomplish THROUGH Him. This isn’t about what you can do in your OWN strength, but how HE can use you through His own. It’s time to look at things through that lens. You are the vessel through which He will work and accomplish His purpose for you on earth. Rest in knowing that you only have to walk in obedience. Whatever He says, you do it, without fear. Even if you do not know the whys or whats or hows. Do it anyway. When you are walking in obedience, the fear will fall away and He will replace what once caused you to be worried and insecure, with a new sense of certainty.

What is one area in your life this coming week that you can step out into faith and leave fear behind? Share it on my Facebook page! I would love to hear about how He moves in your life!


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