How To Keep Your Sanity When Life Gets Crazy

Find out how to keep your sanity when life gets crazy.

As women, we often wear many hats. We are wives, mothers, sisters, and friends. We may also work inside our outside of the home. Sometimes we even have to take care of our homes and families by ourselves. It’s a lot to juggle, and it can be easy to feel like we are losing our minds. But it is possible to keep our sanity even when life gets crazy.

It starts with making sure that we take care of ourselves spiritually, physically and mentally. We need to make time for the things that are most important to us, like our faith and our relationships.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are some practical tips on how to keep your sanity when life gets crazy.

Schedule time with God into your day

Life gets crazy, and our schedules get full. We often put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own, but it’s important to take care of ourselves too. That’s why it’s important to schedule time with God into our days. It can look any way you want it to. Maybe it is a time of prayer, worship, and reading your Bible. Maybe it is simply a time for you to have a one on one with the Lord. Sometimes it can be as simple as sitting in silence. Whatever it is, do not neglect this time. It is the most important part of any day. And no, it doesn’t matter if it is the morning or night. God will meet with you at any time!

Stick to a routine

A big part of feeling sane is having a routine. When our lives are chaotic, a routine can help us feel more in control. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but having a set time for things like working out, meal times, and bedtime can help bring some structure to our day.

Get organized

Another way to feel more in control is to get organized. This may mean decluttering your home, setting up a system for paying bills, or creating a schedule for your day. It can be helpful to write things down or use a planner to keep track of what needs to be done.

Don’t try to do it all

We often try to do too much, and it can be easy to feel like we are failing when we can’t do it all. But it’s important to remember that we can’t do everything, and that’s okay. It’s okay to say no, and it’s okay to delegate.

Take a break

When we are feeling overwhelmed, it can be helpful to take a break. This may mean taking a few minutes to yourself, taking a nap, or even taking a day off. It’s important to give yourself time to relax and reset. For me, sometimes there is nothing better than an after-church Sunday nap. It is supposed to be a day of rest after all!

Simplify your life

Sometimes we just have too much going on, and it can be helpful to simplify our lives. This may mean getting rid of some commitments, streamlining our schedules, or decluttering our homes. It may mean saying no, even to things that are good. Did you pick up on the theme yet? Saying no can be a blessing!

Be grateful

It can be easy to focus on all the negative things in our lives, but it’s important to remember the good as well. It can help to shift our focus and improve our outlook.

Even though life can be hectic, it is still possible to maintain our sanity. Following these steps will help you to feel more relaxed and in control. And remember, God already knows how crazy your life is and is just waiting for you to include Him in it all! He holds the key to a less chaotic, abundant life.

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