Your Body is the Temple of God. Are You Being a Good Steward?

If you are like me, you probably have been on a constant quest to gain better health. I always had the verse, “You body is the temple of God” running through my head and every time I would hear or think it, I knew I was missing the mark. It became very clear to me that things needed to change, sooner than later, when I injured myself in an attempt to run (not successfully) a half marathon for the first time.

I thought I could prove to my body and my mind that I could do it. The only problem was I didn’t take the training seriously and pretty much jumped in. Now, my injury really had nothing to do with my training…at mile 3, a runner decided to suddenly stop right in front of me as thousands of us made it down the pathway in Disney. It was a good thing there was a bit of clearance because it could have been a disaster for more than myself. I twisted my knee and injured my calf, but continued until past mile marker 10. Since that time, I have been suffering with a muscle injury that is common to runners, not common to most other people. Not being able to do what I want to do, like run with my two kids was devastating to me. It has gotten better through what I believe is God’s healing, but it is not gone completely and other things have popped up. Finally I had enough. I needed to take my health seriously. I tried a few programs, and they were short term fixes. Nothing that would be sustainable. One was alkalizing. I could not eat anything really. No family meals. Nothing. Another was a popular shake brand with workouts. Nope. I don’t want to have to watch every bite I eat. I also am a steak girl and cheese girl and bacon girl.

Then my sister started eating keto. It became a lifestyle for her. She had been told because of her thyroid that losing weight was not in the cards. She believed it until she began drinking a health drink of exogenous ketones called Keto//OS Max from Pruvit. I had never heard of the company before. A friend told her about it. In fact, her friend used to sell the shake I used to drink! The thing was, it isn’t a weight loss product. It’s truly meant to help with focus, mood, energy, and sleep. The fat burning that happens is simply an amazing benefit of the product. I was hesitant to try it because I didn’t want to try something else and I certainly didn’t want it to taste nasty.

Well, I tried it. October 8, 2017. I LOVED it. I am a big lemonade drinker and the Raspberry Lemonade fit the bill. It is so good that I could drink it by the gallon. (though that is not advised!) I could have just had the drink and kept eating the way I was, but I decided to “go keto” and see how I did. I went keto that day and have not gone back, and I don’t want to. On the 3rd day, I walked into Walmart and everything seemed brighter, clearer, and I wasn’t exhausted like I always was, no matter how much I slept. I didn’t have the 2pm slump. I didn’t even have cravings. And the best part was after about 10 days, I did not want carbs or sugar. I quickly realized that my constant bloating was due to carbs and that I was addicted to sugar-like 5 tablespoons in a 10 ounce coffee! I went down to 1 Splenda immediately. No problem. I used to be a night owl. Now I was asleep by 11, latest 12am. And I have learned so much about myself, about reading labels, and about how I need to treat my body.

And the weight? I wish I had measured myself at the beginning, because I know I lost more inches than weight. But, at this time, I am down almost 40 pounds and I can tell you, it is not water weight. It was fat. Ladies, you know you can tell by how your clothes fit. I didn’t realize it at first. It was my husband and sister who did. And the best part? I EAT! I am not starving myself. No special meal plan other than watching my macros, meaning fat, protein and carb percentages. Not hard at all, especially with the help of one little yummy drink in the am that optimizes my body for mental clarity and fat burning in less than an hour. What do I eat? Ribeyes, bacon, eggs, cheese, heavy cream… All the yummy foods. Why? Because we had it all backwards. The ketogenic food plan has been around since the 1920’s. It is not new. And no, this is NOT Atkins. That came after this. Carbs give quick energy. Fat gives you sustainable energy. You can turn your body into a fat burning machine. I did.

Now all that to say, I am a work in progress. Now when I hear that my “body is a Temple of God”, I do not cringe. I know I am taking care of myself. I know I am finally respecting this body that the Lord gave me. It took a long time to get here, but I am so glad that I was blessed to find out about the keto lifestyle and Pruvit products.

If you are interested in finding out more about the product I use, head over to The Blessed Keto Life  or The Blessed Keto Life IG account!

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